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Allah 3D Monochrome Kufic Design Size: 27x27cm Frame: Black Frame

Product code: CA1715

  • £35.00
  • £28.00

A beautiful design in Modern Yet Traditional Kufic Calligraphy - Central Allah Monochrome 3D Bas Relief Design in a Black frame

A unique piece of Bas Relief Art. This is an ancient technique made using a knife to cut out intricate designs leaving a slightly raised & bevelled edge. Elements are just barely more prominent than the (overall flat) background.

Kufic Calligraphy is the oldest calligraphic form of the various Arabic scripts. Kufic developed around the end of the 7th century in Kufa, Iraq, until about the 11th century it was the main script used to copy the Qur'an.

· Produced using Real Wood frame with a Wood grain finish
· Made in UK with 3D Laser Cutting Technique
· All our Products are exclusive and unique
· Wall hanging hook supplied
· Dimensions
o Complete Frame 27cm x 27cm x 3cm (approx)

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