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 New Baby Washing Line - Popnrock

New Baby Washing Line - Popnrock

Product Code: CA1479
  • £5.49

New Baby, Washing Line - Popnrock™ 3D Cards

Popnrock™ are the latest 3D, pop-up innovation from Santoro London's
paper engineering division. They are quite simply a rockin' revolution.
With a gentle nudge the cards rock from side to side and they all
feature a number of small moving parts which sway in harmony with the
motion. Each of the small, moveable works of art in this amazing hand
finished range is designed to be displayed and treasured.

They come ready assembled with a space for your own personalised message
on the reverse. An envelope is included with each card, in addition to a
leaflet clearly displaying an image of the card opened up.

Packaged size: 157mm x 184mm (6.2 x 7.2 inches)