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Geometric Star Kaaba Bas Relief in a Black Grain Finish Frame

Product code: 000079

  • £144.99

A beautiful design Geometric Gold Star Kaada Bas Relief in a Black Grain Finish Frame (with Glass)

Since time immemorial, this town and this stone built house, world travelers have known it. This is Baitullah, the House of Allah. Its sanctity and antiquity is older than history itself. The Kaaba is the symbol of modesty, purity and simplicity.

A unique piece of Bas Relief Art. This is an ancient technique made using a knife to cut out intricate designs leaving a slightly raised & beveled edge. Elements are just barely more prominent than the (overall flat) background.

Size 24 x 20 Inch - 61 x 51 cm

The Majestic House of Allah - The Kaaba was a sanctuary in pre-Islamic times. Located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is located at the most sacred place for Muslims, the Al-Masjid Al-Haram. It is said the first human and Prophet Adam (as) built a house of worship on this site. Later the Kaaba was built by Prophet Abraham (as) and his son Ishmael (as).

The Quran contains several verses regarding the origin of the Kaaba, it states that the Kaaba was the first House of Worship, and that it was built by Ibrahim and Ishmael on God's instructions.
Verily, the first House (of worship) appointed for mankind was that at Bakkah (Makkah), full of blessing, and a guidance for mankind.
— Quran, Chapter 3 (Aale-Imran) verse 96
Behold! We gave the site, to Ibrahim, of the (Sacred) House, (saying): "Associate not anything (in worship) with Me; and sanctify My House for those who compass it round, or stand up, or bow, or prostrate themselves (therein in prayer).
— Quran, Chapter 22 (Al Hajj) verse 26
And remember Ibrahim and Ishmael raised the foundations of the House (With this prayer): "Our Lord! Accept (this service) from us: For Thou art the All-Hearing, the All-knowing.
— Quran, Chapter 2 (Al Bakarah) verse 127

A Hadith in Sahih al-Bukhari states that the Kaaba was the First Mosque on Earth, and the Second Mosque was the Temple in Jerusalem.

· Produced using a Beautiful Black Grain Finish Frame (glass included)
· Made in UK with 3D Laser Cutting Technique
· All our Products are exclusive and unique
· Wall hanging hook supplied
· Dimensions
o Complete Frame 24 x 20 Inch - 61 x 51 cm (approx)

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